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About Fideliz Cruz

I ensure that your inner beauty is reflected in your outward appearance. Read More >>

Dress according to your body shape

I will help you shop for your body shape and show you which pieces would be best for your figure as well as look at the best colors for your skin tone.

Give your wardrobe a full detox

In this wardrobe consultation, you will not only get a chance to see what key pieces your wardrobe is lacking, but you will also learn how to re-create a new look with your existing clothes. I will also teach you how to dress for your body shape and how to make the most of your accessories. Together we will sift through your wardrobe and decide on what pieces we can revive and pieces we can throw away, giving your wardrobe a full detox!
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I believe

…that there’s something that you exude out of your spirit that gives you presence with others. There’s a quality of inner strength that gives you an attraction. It causes other people to recognize you, to pay attention to you, to ask when you walk into a room, “who is she?” They won’t be asking because of the garment you are wearing, but rather because of the strength of character that you project. – TD Jakes.

It’s not what you wear 
but how you wear it